in 6 weeks 

Everyone faces stress or pressure at some point in their life - most of us deal with them on a daily basis!! - but it is how you react and approach it that determines the outcome.

Learn simple techniques and strategies that will give you back the confidence and power to face whatever pressure or stress life throws at you.

If you’re an ambitious, driven person, someone who enjoys what they do and the life you have  ... you also know that it comes with quite a lot of stress. 

For many of us that has become something we just live with ("middle lane stress").  It will ease when the project finishes , the kids aren't sick, you can go on holiday or take a break.

But it doesn't really end. It's relentless ... and it's eating away at our energy, focus, quality of life & work, relationships, free time, confidence, and goals  ... basically LIFE!

With all this going on, there isn't really time to look for strategies to manage the stress better.. and it could be worse?!

The reality is that even small stressors can  leave their mark physically and mentally.

How good would it feel to be able to face up to a challenge or pressure at work with confidence, energy & motivation?  To know that you had support and skills to thrive through a stressful period or to help those you care about when they are struggling?

What could you achieve if you were able to bring your best to every thing and everyone when you really needed to... even if you were stressed.  No more regretful  "if only I had said  / done X. Why couldn't I think of that earlier, why did I react like that?"


Embrace Stress introduces proactive, pre-emptive stress management strategies, which help you to recognise, reframe, and reset stress-related triggers and behaviours.

At the end of the course you will have a personal plan for dealing with stress, and growing more confident and resilient in the face of adversity.  

Don’t let stress define your limits, use it to drive you forward. 

This guided online course will change the way you look at the stress producing habits and events in your life (big or small). You will regain control of the way your mind and body respond to stress.

The Stress Reset course is for you if you …

  • self-manage current stress 
  • need to be able to perform at your best under pressure, when it really matters
  • want to know how to pro-actively approach future stressors to become more resilient,
  • want to minimise the health implications of stress;
  • want to help staff or friends through stressful situations; 
  • interact with stressed individuals (at work or at home!);
  • are a leader who wants to build awareness, understanding and practical toolkits for employees


Side effects of taking a sustainable, long-term approach when managing stress are:


  1. a happier life
  2. more energy
  3. increased confidence to face challenges as they arise
  4.  more connected relationship
  5.  improved physical & emotional health (general well-being)
  6. greater sense of purpose & focus, and accomplishment
  7.  ability to manage pressure (presentations or speeches, exams, interviews)
  8.  courage, motivation & drive to achieve your goals .. especially at work
  9.  improved productivity, creativity and problem-solving
  10. ability to stay calm when life throws you a curveball
  11.  more time for the things that are most important in their life.

"There were some real eye-openers during this 6-week course... highlights were understanding how even small stress in my life was impacting work and people around me; how easy some of the strategies to reduce stress and start thinking clearly are; and, on a bigger picture,  I wasn't living my life to align with my values which was making me seriously stressed"

John C, Investment Banking


"I went off down a few rabbit holes of discovery

There are several tips from  this course that I use everyday and look forward to doing. Others I will go back to when I need to

This kinder, less harsh approach to stress has really helped me through a period of immense change"

Margo K, Retail Strategy

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I can’t wait for you to join The Stress Reset

I love helping people understand the role their brain plays in working, leading and living effectively and happily.

I bring over 20 years experience in the high-pressure environment of Investment Banking. While I have been successful, I also admit I’ve had points when I have felt exhausted, overwhelmed, isolated, like I was failing, and would describe some experiences as having “broken me”.  Yet most of the time I wouldn’t have described myself as stressed!

Over time I discovered vital aspects of stress management which, had I learned many years ago, would have transformed my ability to perform to my full potential, lead effectively and feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled in life.

There is so much knowledge, information, training and tips available today but sometimes that in itself can become overwhelming and another source of stress. Through Embrace Stress, I am pulling together the best information and practical solutions out there into a format which makes it easy for you to benefit from them immediately.

I have combined this experience with my training as a an Executive Coach and in Neuroscience and Psychology relating to stress, mental health and leadership to bring practical solutions to the problems so many of us face in our hectic modern world.

I look forward to meeting you on your journey through Embrace Stress – Stress Reset.


Chief Stress Officer 

By the end of this program,

you will know…


  •  how to regain control of the way your mind and body respond to stress. Feel more confident, supported, and resourceful under pressure.

  • What the stress response really is and how it’s key to unlocking energy, focus and motivation to rise to a challenge
  • How to identify and minimise the impact of small day-to-day stressors in your life .. leaving more time to tackle the things that really matter
  • What your early warning signs of stress are, how to relieve harmful or distressing symptoms,
  • how to catch derailing & unhelpful stress related  behaviours (irritable, error prone, withdrawal, risk taking, eating,...)
  • how to engage the best support and  ask for help
  • The power of small daily habits in rebalancing mental stress - gratitude, intention setting, kindness, hydration,...) - and how to build a daily routine that works for YOU 
  • The strengths and skills that build your sense of capability and power, and how to use them to thrive through adversity 
  • How to live with a sense of value or purpose without  overhauling your entire life!
  • What really makes you happy, and how to incorporate this to balance out stress

Refreshing, solution focused approach

Inspiring energy, personal experience

Qualified source of inspiration

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What’s Inside The Stress Reset


General practice has become to avoid stress and relieve its symptoms. But science suggests that increased self-awareness, self-acknowledgement and acceptance are key to finding balance and success long term. 

The Stress Reset course combines key elements of coaching, self-development and science in a way that is accessible and relevant to everyone.

Because we all experience stress differently in different circumstances, the course covers nervous stress, overwhelm, worry, personal conflict, the physical and mental impact of stress .. all with one aim... to help you overcome it and keep living a life you love without giving up your goals or aspirations.  Stress will NOT define your limits. 

Module 1


Before we start the course, it’s helpful to set a baseline for our current relationship with stress. We will look at the definitions we use when we talk about stress, and the importance of “stress mindset” … what you believe about stress matters.

Module Highlights:

  • Assess Your Stress 
  • How to change your Stress Mindset
  • Define stress 
Module 2


Stress is your body’s natural way of responding to any kind of demand or threat… but there is more to this response than fight or flight. 

We look at the biology of stress; how the mind and body play equally important roles in the process; identify your own personal stress response and exactly what triggers it; and we look at ways to relieve physical symptoms of stress.

Module Highlights:

  • Understand the science of the stress response - physical and mental - and it's place in the modern world.
  • Identify your stress triggers and symptoms
  • Create strategies to limit knock-on effects of stress and avoid counter-productive responses.
  • Start building a "personal self-care kit" - ways to relieve stress that work for YOU
Module 3


You cannot necessarily control everything in life, but you can control how you view it. 

We begin to explore how we can use the stress triggers and symptoms to start to change our reaction to stress. We also see how the little habits our brain has developed to promote survival can trip us up in the modern world, and how to work around them.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how to transform feelings of nerves or stress into the power to perform well under pressure (presentations, interviews, exams, competition,..)
  • DIscover how certain thinking patterns can trigger or exacerbate stress ... and how to change them
  • Specific strategies to calm nervous or anxious reactions - minimise "mind - blank", stay calm, think rationally, reduce tremors or physical weakness,...
Module 4


Research on resilience shows that having a sense of purpose helps people persist through – and bounce back from – adversity.

We identify the things that are most important to you – your values – and how you can connect with them to find strength and solutions under pressure. This includes a deeper dive in to procrastination and worrying – both frequently associated with stress

Module Highlights:

  • Identify your values and how they can be both sources of stress 
  • Learn how to build more of your values into daily life for greater resilience and a buffer against stress
  • Strategies to prevent procrastination
  • Discover how you can "Worry Well"
Module 5


Stress can be isolating. WE can feel inadequate, singled-out and alone in our struggle.

We will look at how connecting and caring for others triggers the biology of courage and creates hope; examine and extend our support network; hone in on why personal conflict can be so hard to deal with and simple techniques for dealing with it.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how the stress response wires us to value and seek support 
  • How you can use this to support long-term physical, especially heart health. 
  • Identify your "support squad" - who can you turn to when things are tough
  • Understand how to approach personal conflict
  • Using empathy and compassion to find calm and reconnect with those around us 
  • The benefits of Gratitude and Kindness
Module 6


Without our stress responses, our ability to effectively learn, form memories, and change our behaviors for better survival would be severely diminished. But is it true what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? 

We identify your strengths, how you can utilise them to perform well under-pressure, and the value of reflection in building resilience. We will also look specifically at overwhelm – when we feel inadequate to the task(s) at hand – and what to do about it.

Module Highlights:

  • Identify your core strengths and how to use more of them to raise confidence
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for growth from adversity 
  • Build strategies to feel more resourceful under pressure
  • Discover how you can "Overcome Overwhelm"
Module 7


The pursuit of happiness has become a big source of stress… but science shows that there are small shifts and habits that can make a big difference. Learn what psychology and neuroscience have discovered really makes us happy; and how to build more of them in to your day without creating more demands on your time, money or energy.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn what psychologists and neuroscientists have learnt about what really makes us happy
  • Identify how you can do more of the things that underpin personal happiness
  • Discover how you can get more out of your day / time 
  • Find your Flow 
Module 8


Knowledge is only half the battle.

Time to put the techniques you have found work for you over the last 6 weeks in to a personal action plan. Outline how you will use and build on what you have learned to rise to the challenge under pressure, and create more meaning, success, and happiness in life without more stress.

Module Highlights:

  • Apply what you have learnt to create a Personal Stress Plan - face potential stress head-on with confidence
  • Prepare your "self-care" toolkit
  • RE-assess your stress... measure how far you have come through The Stress Reset.  

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


The Stress Reset

(worth> £2000 if done as 1-1 coaching)


  • 8 Guided Modules

    The live program runs over 6 weeks - start with the group and follow with them OR work at your own pace 

Lessons are delivered via a series of short online videos. They are simple and visual and discuss both the science &  reality of stress in the modern world

Each lesson includes a hand-picked library of resources and ACTIVITIES for extended learning and practice implementing different skills.

  • Live Q&A calls take place weekly via Zoom. 

    Charlotte answers all your questions. Calls are recorded and run for 60 minutes. If you can't make the call but have a question, email it and it will be answered!

  • Worksheets and questionnaires 

    Help to turn the theory into your own personalised strategies.  TACTICAL AND PRACTICAL - everything is designed so you can see how it fits with YOUR life & goals

    Plus weekly check-in emails will build on the course material with suggestions on how to apply it in daily life.

  • Join The Stress Reset community 

    Get support, encouragement and learn from others in the private community.  Discuss content, share tips and feedback.

    This is a fun way to learn, and you can be completely anonymous if you wish! 

  • CPD Accredited training

The Stress Reset is accredited for 10.5 hours CPD training with the CPD Standards Office 

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Implement and Embed Your New Approach to Stress Into Daily Life 


Bonus 1

The Eight Elements of an Effective Day  -mini course


8 quick and easy daily actions to put your brain & body on the right path to perform at their best throughout the day. Habits that promote

  • 8 habits that promote calm, productivity, focus, happiness, and a good nights sleep.
  • An overview of how our brain process vital information, & how we can re-wire it to reflect what is important to us
  • Short videos & ideas for how to implement the daily habit
  • Daily & weekly guided habit tracker
Bonus 2

3 "ask the expert" webinars


Sometimes it's good to go a bit deeper and gain insight from a specialist.  I tap into my network to give 3 targeted sessions ... saving you the time, effort and expense of seeking them out.

In the past these have included:

  • Sleep
  • Meditation / breathwork
  • Exercise
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Anxiety 
  • Time management
Bonus 3

2022 Stress Goals webinar 


As we start what will hopefully be a more predictable or "normal" year, this webinar will refresh what you learned and your own Stress reset plan PLUS

  • Establish your goals for 2022
  • Identify potential stressors or pressure points
  • Build strategies to pre-empt them or tactics to deploy IF they happen
  • Weave in "stress goals" .. small, planned ways you can stretch yourself and engage in confidence boosting growth
Bonus 4

Early Adopter access to RESET app. 


Embracing Stress means acknowledging that life is likely to be stressful every now ans then ... it means we care about our goals and how we live life. 

The RESET app will be a one-stop resource centre for help facing these challenges as they come up. 

Based on the 8 Pillars of the Stress Reset, RESET will allow you to:

  • Refresh skills you may not have used for a while
  • Add insight from the most recent science
  • Benefit from other people's experience & coaching techniques
  • Save you from hours of stress, reading/ researching, trial-&-error by bringing you a variety of strategies that work
  • on-hand 24/7 ... whenever or wherever you need it

By being an Early Adopter, you can help shape the content and format of the app.  I'm a stress expert but you can give me advice on where and how support is most needed and valuable for you, and other future users.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


Embrace Stress - The Stress Reset Group coaching


  • The Eight Elements of an Effective Day 
  • 3 Specialist Webinars
  • Harness Stress for Success guide
  • 2022 Stress Goals coaching webinar
  • Early Adopter access to RESET - 3 months membership  post course 

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over £3000 of coaching

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

2 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



The Stress Reset

To date no one has asked for their money back after purchasing The Stress Reset.

But... I  don't want you to stress about spending money on something that might not be right for you.

I'm here to help you, not to add to any worries or stress.

So... if you've tried the first 2 modules and you don't feel that The Stress Reset will help you manage your stress, then simply get in touch, show me you've put in the work, and I will refund your investment. 

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